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1. The Consulate in Tete successfully organized a familiarization tour for Her Excellency the High Commissioner Wezi Moyo, following her presentation of letters of Credence to His Excellency President Jacinto Felipe Nyusi on 20th January, 2022. The tour included high profile courtesy calls with the highest Political as well as Government and Non -Governmental Provincial leadership. Through the tour Her Excellency appreciated the challenges that she will be navigating during her term of tour. Illegal immigration, repatriation of illegal immigrants, detentions and imprisonment of Malawian nationals by the Police, let alone to feed them while in custody. If the challenges could be viewed as opportunities for future targeted programming, the situation would be transformed into greater win- win situation.   




2. Consulate successfully commenced an on-going collaboration with the Confederation of Economic Association (CTA) Tete. In broader terms the collaboration is looking at a situation that will revamp the Growth Triangle between Mozambique, Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe that among other things wants to see increased usage of the Nacala and the Sena Corridors in Mozambique and hence more business partnerships that would lead to the economic growth of the sub-region. As a strategy the collaboration will intensify Business Forums aimed at facilitating the building up of partnerships between Malawian and Mozambican businesses. The first of these forums was held in Lilongwe at The Golden Peacock Hotel where CTA was represented by a group of 13 business entities from Tete covering such services as Mechanical engineering, Health Private Clinics and Health insurance, Energy, Mining, and Fisheries.  Also reviewed were opportunities in Agro-businesses including Livestock production and processing, Animal feed production, Agro-processing and silo wear-housing.  Tourism was also of interest.  At this forum Mozambique presented a video that elicited concrete discussion on possible future collaboration between entrepreneurs of the two friendly countries.




3. Consulate under its Trade and Investment agenda successfully instituted a programme of assistance where it will work with individual businesses, helping them to navigate the business terrain of Tete. The initiative is on- going with businesses in different sectors. On 28 March, 2022 Mwaiwathu Private Hospital under the auspices of the Consulate the Consulate started a partnership with the Consulate which has seen it create new partnerships with Private Clinics, Insurance Companies, the corporate world as well as private citizens.




4. The Consulate has contributed in diplomatic ties with host country through representational activities on important functions such as the National Day, various Provincial Government Commemoration.


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